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Message of the Day

Customers Bank is committed to the security of your online experience with us. You may have heard recently about a new vulnerability "Heartbleed Bug" that may expose passwords and other sensitive information.

We have scanned our online systems and have confirmed that our sites are not impacted by this vulnerability.


There are only 10 DAYS left before this site will be shut down. No one will be able to access this old site beginning Monday April 28, 2014.

By now everyone should have received a Welcome Letter to the new Business Online Banking platform either by e-mail or through your Customers Bank representative. If you have not yet received your Welcome Letter please reach out to your Customers Bank representative ASAP and we will resend the information to you.

Please make sure that you and all employees at your company are using the new Business Online Banking platform located at https://businessbanking.customersbank.com or through www.CustomersBank.com select the Business Banking tab then select the “New” button.

This old site will be shut down on Monday, April 28, 2014. Again, no one will be able to access this old site after that date.
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